Mausoleum, hallways, & courtyard of KHS under construction, maintenance and development

In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful "Tell 'them, O Prophet', “Do as you will. Your deeds will be observed by Allah, His Messenger, and the believers."
To take advantage of the time when the world is under lockdown due to the spread of Coronavirus, the administration of Kadhimain Holy Shrine has undertaken many activities to carry out great rehabilitation and development works in the Holy Mausoleum of Imamain Kadhimain (AS), in order to offer better services for the visitors.
Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine takes into account the feelings of visitors and does the best to provide the comfortable atmosphere of visitation for them to the Holy Mausoleum of Imamain Kadhimain (AS), but there are some sites that need maintenance and rehabilitation because of the damages, humidity and climate impacts they experienced over time. So it was necessary to start executing these works with full observation of the heritage style that the Holy Shrine is characterized with.
To seize the opportunity of the curfew decision, the sanctuary and hallways were closed to maintain the area below holy tombs by replacing the old marble floor between and inside the two tombs with new one.
The wooden parts of the tomb cage were repaired and the damaged parts were replaced with high precision and care by highly skilled and specialized staff, to preserve the heritage style of decoration and inscribed verses on the wooden box above the holy tombs. The two boxes were also covered from inside with high quality timber. Moreover, burnishing works for gold and silver in the sacred cage from inside and outside started and the pillars where the names of the 14 infallible (AS) were inscribed, were replaced. The total work area was estimated to be (2000m2).
In this campaign, which included the holy Mausoleum and the hallways, damaged rooms in the hallways were renovated due to the obsolescence over time. Maintenance also covered walls and ceilings by exposing bricks and cladding them with alabaster, establishment of a special hidden system to scent the Holy Sanctuary, As well as electrical works, and rehabilitation of wiring, audio system and surveillance system works, in accordance with modern technology, besides changing the chains hanging the giant chandeliers and replace them with new stainless steel ones with extra safety wire.
One of the most important works is replacing the old central air-conditioning system with a new high quality one of a higher capacity that would go well with Iraq's climate, to be (650) tons/hr, instead of (150). The new system required making new holes in the roofs and the windows of sanctuary.
Carpentry Unit of Kadhimain Holy Shrine was responsible for all the woodwork done inside and outside the holy Mausoleum; the windows overlooking the hallways of Mausoleum were replaced by glasses of special specifications that allow the penetration of Sunlight without its heat, so that the air remains clean and healthy. It also creates natural lighting during the day. This feature will distinguish Kadhimain Holy Shrine from the rest of other holy shrines.
On the other hand, KHS has made a great progress in establishing the underground sanitary facilities from the side of Sahib Al-Zaman courtyard with a capacity of (200) units.
It is worth noting that the KHS started its great project over an area of approximately (8000M2), which is the rehabilitation of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir Courtyard and Basement.
The six entrances of Al-Murad gate are almost complete, and the work began on rehabilitating the floor of outer courtyard of Al-Murad Gate and Al-Qibla Gate for cladding them with alabaster in the near future. In order to ensure the smooth entry and exit flow of visitors. It is also close to completing the support inspection entrances for women from the side of Al-Qibla Gate.
Secretariat General of KHS represented by its Secretary General, prof. Dr. Haider Hassan Al-Shammari has directed many other works, but Covid 19 was a reason for delaying the arrival of necessary materials from outside Iraq to complete them. Secretariat General calls on visitors and expatriates to adhere to the health and preventive instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Environment and the High Committee for Health and National Safety.
Secretariat General of Kadhimain Holy Shrine also thanks the visitors for their forbearance during Holy Shrine's rehabilitation, development and reconstruction works, as well as the preventive health measures taken in confronting Coronavirus pandemic in the service of the honorable visitors to ensure their safety.