Mechanic Section Executes Carpentry Works in the Four Minarets Project


The technical staff of the Aluminum & Carpentry Unit/ Electro-mechanics Dept. made exceptional efforts in executing the carpentry works of the four minarets gilding project.  We asked the Head of the Electro-Mechanics Dept., Eng. Dhiyaa Abdulameer for more details and he said: “Efforts from the Aluminum & Carpentry staff were combined to other efforts and participated in the works being implemented by Al-Kawther Holy Shrines Construction Enterprise on gilding the four minarets. Our duty was to execute the carpentry works for the upper parts the minarets, which take the forms of balconies. In our works, we used teak wood of the best quality, imported from Burma. We intend to maintain the beautiful scene and the archaeological significance of the minarets. This will also maintain the splendor of this Holy Place where the two Imams are buried.