Old Water Purification Station Being Rehabilitated


With the approach of Summer and the higher degrees in temperature, and in order to upgrade the services offered to the visitors of Imamain Kadhimain (AS), the technical staff of the Electro-mechanics Dept. in cooperation with Works Unit of the Auto Dept., started its works to rehabilitate the old water purification station.

Eng. Dhiyaa Abdulameer, Head of Electro-mechanics Dept., stated: “The SG of Kadhimain Holy Shrine instructed us, with the approach of summer, to rehabilitate the old water purification station in the Holy Shrine and produce reverse osmosis (RO) water under sanitary conditions. We started with the first phase by casting foundations and coating them with hygienic isolators to prevent any leakages according the recognized engineering specifications. The second phase consisted of installing storage tanks for the sterilized potable water. The tanks, seven in number, are made of stainless steel, 3 mm thick, and take up 35000 lt. of water each”.  

“All materials used” the engineer added, “are non-pollutable food equipment. We are going to add the filters to the system as primary processors, before the water reaches the purification station. A chiller (type: Climaveneta) will also be added in order to cool the water and deliver it to the pipe networks inside and outside the Holy Shrine courtyard in addition to the courtyard expansion. This will provide cold potable water to the visitors. The system will be in operation within the few coming days with God’s help and the blessings of the two Imams.