KHS Secretary General Attends Conference by Commission of Integrity

KHS Secretary General, Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Dabbagh, attended a conference convened by the Commission of Integrity in order to announce its report for 2017. The conference was attended also by representatives from the offices of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, some members of the Parliament, Governmental officials and public inspectors. During the conference, Dr. Hasan Al-Yasiri, COI Commissioner, announced details on the COI’s achievements and its investigatory, legal, preventive and educational activities during 2017. He shed light on the achievements of its affiliates all over Iraq. In fulfillment of the aspirations of the public opinion, and in consistence with the current calls of the Government and Parliament to combat corruption and in order to complement the vision proposed earlier by the Commission of Integrity, the Commissioner indicated that the COI drew up a road map to combat corruption practically following scientific methods in addressing the problems that governmental offices are facing. “The road map achieved late in 2017” he added, “will be a cornerstone for building the values of integrity and uprooting corruption”. The Commissioner ended his speech shedding light on the educational and awareness-raising activities launched by the COI’s affiliates. He stated that many programs, campaigns, activities, courses, workshops and seminars were held for that purpose. “Combating corruption”, he added “has become a national, legal and moral responsibility that should be shouldered by everybody”.