KHS Still Sends Logistic Support to Haweeja and Riyadh Sectors

KHS servants continues their visits to military and mobilization forces sectors, including Ali Akbar forces affiliated with Imam Hussein Holy Shrine and Imam Ali Division stationed in Haweeja and Riyadh, in north Saladdin Province. The KHS delegation reviewed the security developments within those areas and noted the efforts made by the popular mobilization fighters to liberate the remainder areas from the Takfiri terrorists. The KHS visiting delegation provided all material and moral support to the heroes who responded to the Holy Fatwa pronounced by his Eminence Ayatollah Sistani. The delegation strongly urged the fighters to follow the advice given by the Supreme Religious Authority, be cautious of the enemy’s intrigues, and provide assistance to the civilians of the liberated areas. The fighters appreciated the important step that the KHS adopted and the high responsibility it showed.