Tiling and Gilding Works of Babul-Qibla Porch in KHS Launched

KHS Secretariat General has instructed its engineering & technical staff to start executing the works of restoration, tiling and gilding Babul-Qibla porch in cooperation with Kauther Organization for Reconstruction of Holy Shrines. It is to be mentioned that this project consists of multiple phases including design development, removing old tiles, construction treatment and maintenance and manufacturing tiles of different sizes and shapes according to the designs already approved. The electronic coating will be applied with special care to avoid damaging the archeological elements of the porch façade. All those phases have been completed and the final phase will be laying the gilded tiles. It is also noteworthy that this project is considered the final of other gilding projects which included gilding the two domes, minarets, Babul-Murad and Quraish Porches.