Kadhimain Holy Shrine Announces Start of Mourning Ceremonies on Anniversary of Imam Jawad’s Martyrdom

The Kadhimain Holy Shrine Courtyard, in an atmosphere of sorrow, witnessed the ceremony of replacement of the two green flags with black ones in an announcement to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Jawad (AS). The ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Jamal Al-Dabbagh, KHS Secretary General, Board members, representatives of other Holy Shrines, some teaching staff from Hawza, official and social personalities, KHS servants and masses of visitors. The ceremony was started with reciting some verses of the Holy Quran, which was followed by a speech delivered by the KHS Secretary General who said: “These days, we are living the sad anniversary of the martyrdom of our Imam Jawad (AS) who filled his time with astounding knowledge and the people of his time were astonished by his intellect, for they noticed how he could defeat chief scholars during the debates that were moderated by the Caliph”. “Imam Jawad (AS)”, he added, “is a great value that cannot simply be enshrouded in oblivion. He will remain a role model for the entire nation’s youth, as he was poisoned to death by the tyrants when he was still young”. Finally, the green flags were replaced by black ones and the ceremony was ended with some mourning poems.