Kufa… Land of Giving and Stand of Allegiance

KHS delegation headed by Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Odei Al-Kadhimi, participated in the opening ceremony of the Al-Safeer Cultural Festival, seventh edition, held by Kufa Grand Mosque under the slogan: “Kufa… the land of giving and stand of allegiance” in commemoration of the fifth of Shawal, the year 60 AH, the day when Muslim bin Aqeel arrived in Kufa as an envoy of Imam Hussein (AS) and to celebrate the victories achieved by our security forces and mobilization forces in the liberation battles at the right side of Mosul. The festival was attended by religious, academic and social personalities. Some speeches were delivered shedding light on the significance of the city of Kufa and explaining why Imam Ali (AS) chose it as a capital and why Imam Hussein (AS), later, chose it as a point of departure for his blessed uprising. The festival also included other activities such as delivering poems, opening an Arabic calligraphy and photographs exhibitions. KHS delegation was highly impressed by the festival and wished the organizers of the festival all success.