Fatwa: Fragrance of Triumph and Musky Scent of Martyrdom

A KHS delegation attended the second Cultural Festival of Holy Fatwa of Defense held by the Cultural and Intellectual Affairs Dept. in Abbas Holy Shrine under the slogan: ‘Fatwa: Fragrance of Triumph and Musky Scent of Martyrdom’ coinciding with the 2nd anniversary of the blessed Fatwa of Jihad and the enthusiastic response it received from the Iraqi people. Several speeches were delivered in the Festival, including one by the Guardian of Abbas Holy Shrine Sayyed Ahmed Al-Safi who reminded the audience of the grave danger which swept country when the Fatwa which we are still indebted to for its blessings, was first pronounced. That Fatwa was initiated from Holy Najaf, not only to defend our country, but to protect and maintain the sovereignty of all the countries of the world, because this enemy is outrageous, planning to abuse humanity and it does not target a specific religion or race. His Eminence emphasized the significance of documentation and writing the history of this phase so that the generations to come would be aware of the events as they happened. The Festival also included the opening of a photographic exhibition documenting the victories of the holy defense.