A Delegation of Muslim Scholars Honored by Visiting Imamain Kadhimain (AS)

A delegation of Muslim Scholars from Afghanistan and Serbia was honored by visiting Imamain Kadhimain (AS). The delegation included His Eminence, Sheikh Mufti Abdulrahman Rahmani, a parliament member, Mr. Abdulbari Rashid, an academician from Afghanistan, and Sheikh Muharram, the Qadiri Mystical Sheikh of Serbia. Performing the Ziyara rituals and prayers at the tombs of the Imamain (AS), they visited the KHS main office and were received by Haj Mohammed Abdulridha, member of KHS Board. The delegation had also a tour inside the holy courtyard and visited the Woodcarving & Decoration Unit and saw the artistic works displayed there. The delegation members thanked the KHS management for the kind hospitality and were impressed by the developments achieved by the KHS and other Holy Shrines in Iraq. The delegation, which received some of the KHS publications, called for more cordial visits to enhance the Islamic unity everywhere.