Head of Pakistani Scholars Society Honored by Visit of Imamain Kadhimain (AS)

Sheikh Sahib Zadeh, Head of Pakistani Scholars Society accompanied by Sheikh Karam Abdulkhair, Director of Imam Al-Asr Foundation, were honored by the visit of Imam Kadhim & Imam Jawad (AS), after they had participated in the 13th Martyrdom Spring International Cultural Festival in Holy Kerbala. In an interview with the KHS website, Sheikh Abulkhair said: “It is an honor to be in this holy place. I have a message to convey here from this sacred spot that our Islam calls us for unity, rapprochement, non-violence, and achieving peace. I find the Holy Shrines important centers for Muslims and a significant resource serving all Muslims”. “People in Pakistan”, he added, “believe that Ahlulbayt represent a token of unity for all Muslims”. He referred to the program of the Pakistani Scholars Society and stated that it supports Islamic unity and stand against the Takfiri terrorism. Finally, he extended his thanks to the servants of Imamain Kadhimain for their kind hospitality.