KHS All-Female Delegation Attends Imam Abbas Holy Shrine to Celebrate Birth Anniversary of Lady Fatima (AS)

An all-female delegation from KHS answered an invitation by the Women’s Religious Guidance Dept. of Imam Abbas Holy Shrine to participate in the celebration held for the birth anniversary of the Mistress of the women of the worlds, Lady Fatima Al-Zahraa (AS). The event witnessed various activities demonstrating aspects of the life of Lady Fatima (AS) being the role model for the good female believers. There was also an activity for praising the role of the Iraqi women in providing support to our fighters and encouraging them in their confrontation with the terrorists and takfiris. In her speech, the head of the Women’s Religious Orientation Dept. expressed her happiness with the female audience, especially that of the KHS, and called the Head of the Kadhimain’s Haram to take part in awarding certificates of merit to the participants.